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Mining Moving Objects Data: Approaches and Future Directions

Universidade do Minho

   Soy de Perú, Profesor Principal de la Universidad Nacional de Huancavelica, en la Facultad de Ciencias de 
   Ingenieria Escuela de Ingenieria Civil, tengo una Maestria en Docencia Universitaria y otra en Ciencias de  
   la Computación, mi área de interes son los Sistemas de Información Geográfico, actualmente soy alumno del
   Programa de Doctorado en Tecnologías y Sistemas de Información de la Universidad do Minho.
   City: Lima, Peru

Data concerning moving objects have been collected in huge amounts due to the proliferation of mobile devices, which capture the position of objects over time. Studies about moving objects have been developed as a specific research area of Geographic Information Systems. Those systems are designed to process traditional, static or slowly changing, geospatial data. However, moving objects have inherent dynamism that requires different approaches to data storage and analysis. This paper presents a review of the key concepts associated to moving objects and their characteristics, as well as the approaches proposed to store data concerning moving objects. For the analysis of moving objects, an overview of the existing data mining techniques and some future guidelines are also presented.

Categories and Subject Descriptors: H.2.8 [Database Management]: Spatial databases and GIS
General Terms: Design, Algorithms, Documentation
Additional Key Words and Phrases: Moving Objects, Moving Point, Moving Region, Spatio-temporal

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