terça-feira, 22 de fevereiro de 2011

Diagnosis of Knowledge Management at SPU by the OKA method


Universidade do Minho
City: Braga, Portugal

Among the models of assessment and diagnosis of knowledge management in the literature surveyed is selected the method of Organizational Knowledge Assessment (OKA), prepared by the World Bank Institute (WBI), as a model capable of evaluating and diagnosing the situation of Knowledge Management (KM) in an organization. The OKA method is designed to assess the capacity and level of preparedness of an organization in proper use of their intellectual assets. The present article proposes to conduct a diagnosis of Knowledge Management at the SPU, Secretary of Heritage of the Union, within the Planning Ministry in Brazil. During the research on SPU, using the OKA method, came the need to formulate a policy for Knowledge Management (KM), i.e., a Strategic Plan for KM. The research concludes that the OKA method is a complete and useful tool to diagnose and assess the KM in SPU and to design of a Strategic Plan for KM, defining actions, practical support and guidance to policy and knowledge processes of the organization.

Keywords. Knowledge, Knowledge Management; OKA method

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