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Ubiquitous Business Processes: a literature review


University of Minho
   Network and System Administrator at Bosch, Ph.D. Student at Universidade do Minho
    Past :  
   Consultant at Canadian Corporation
   Network Support at Minho Campus Party 2003 at Eurotux, SA
   Network Support at Minho Campus Party 2002 at Eurotux, SA
   Oracle University - London, UK
   Universidade do Minho
   Cesce Portugal
  City: Joane, Portugal

The possibility to implement concepts related with the Internet of Things to business processes will influence how they are designed, structured, monitored, and managed. This huge potential can increase the productive capacity of enterprises, efficiency in warehouses and introduce traceability characteristics allowing a proper management of business processes. Currently, there is no direct and automated link between ubiquitous business processes descriptions and their physical executions and frequently occurs a discrepancy between the planned modes of operation and the executed ones. It should be possible to decompose this ubiquitous business processes in order to take decisions in the place where they are needed. The ubiquitous business processes will enable a narrowing between the real (objects) and virtual (models) world.

General Terms: Business Processes, Ubiquitous Computing, Monitoring, Internet of Things.

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