sexta-feira, 25 de fevereiro de 2011

Does traceability business process concern IT? A literature review on product and process traceability support at Manufacturing organizations


University of Minho

   City : Ponte de Lima, Portugal

A Traceability business process (Traceability BP) is mandatory and unavoidable on manufacturing organisations. Customers, particularly original equipment manufacturers (OEM), require it on contracts, while Governments enforce it, through rules and regulations. Organisations fail to create and sustain a business process satisfying traceability demands. IT departments are one of main players on efforts to create a solution, as this process is only manageable when supported by IT tools. This paper presents traceability business process state-of-the-art, and main problems a manufacturing organisation encounters to set it up. It argues that key problems could be overcome through the creation of a Traceability ontology combined with a new requirement elicitation technique.

General Terms: Traceability business process, tracking and tracing, traceability information management, traceability information systems, traceability requirements, traceability ontology

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