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The Survey: Semantic Web in the Government


Universidade do Minho

Semantic integration is an active area of research in several disciplines, such as databases, information -integration, and It also began to be applied in government. Until now a lot of research that began to discuss about important and easy exchange of data in the government if the existing system can be integrated with the semantic web and ontology. This paper gives a brief survey of semantic integration approach developed by researchers in the ontology community. The main purpose of this article is to compare the various e-government projects in the ontology design.

Categories and Subject Descriptors: Computer Science
General Terms: Design, Architecture
Additional Key Words and Phrases: Ontology, Semantic, Survey, and e-Government.

  Student form Electrical Engineering and Informatics Engineering Gadjah Mada University- 
  Yogyakarta Indonesia.  A lecturer in Informatics Engineering since 2002 -present. Attended
  the exchange student program from Erasmus Mundus EuroAsia until 2012. Research areas
  are Artificial Intelligence, ontological engineering and semantic web. Very grateful to bepart   
  of Minho university, one of the best university in the world.

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