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Open Innovation as a Core IT services Business – A private third party innovation broker involving IT ERP software house and SME clients


University of Minho

   Attending 1st year Doctoral Program Phd TSI - Information Systems and Technology
   Degree in LESI Computer Sciences by Minho University ITIL V3 Foundations certified Human-Centric  
    Information Systems Manager
   City : Porto, Portugal

Open Innovation as a Core Business Strategy is now a key topic being address by much of the big organizations. Expensive human and technical resources are needed for such great business change management. What about the SME companies? How can they keep up with such challenge?  A third party innovation broker is the proposed sustainable solution to share resources and innovation among SME companies. This is a new approach because new business model like this can overcame the limitations of a traditional association of companies. Such broker has many delicate issues to solve, many of them human related.  One of the most important increasing costs is the one related to continuous ERP alignment to business. SME need a sustainable service offer, which by one hand offers ERP edge organizational innovation, and by other hand offers an affordable scaled investment.  The IT ERP software house needs to incorporate innovation came from SME clients. But neither SME companies have the human resources and knowledge to give organized contribute, neither standard listening posts at the IT ERP software house can collect meaning full information to the internal innovation processes.

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